McSharry Foley Insurance Brokers, Sligo Ireland

McSharry Foley – Insurance with a Difference!

Serving the Northwest and located in Sligo for over 30 years, McSharry Foley offers a professional, experienced and local insurance Broker service!

With over 30 National & UK Insurers and the full range of Business and Personal Insurance, we offer more choice from the Market and the best prices & covers in the Market.

Our Commercial Team advises on all aspects of Business and Liability insurance, including Retail, Commercial, Manufacturing, Property Owner, Fleets, Motor Trader, Health & Voluntary sectors, Arts & Cultural and Heritage Property, to name just a few.

We offer expertise from an Insurance, Underwriting and Legal perspective and which means that we can support you in your business in ways that other Brokers cannot.

Our Personal Lines team offers the widest choice for your Car, Van, Home, Rental, Farm, Mobile Home/Caravan, with great prices, discounts and extra benefits.

Save yourself Time and Money while getting the Best Insurance….

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McSharry Foley Insurance Brokers, Sligo Ireland…. Cover you Need!

by Siobhan McSharry, Managing Director

So why have Insurance at all ?

To cover you financially when …

  • You have an accident (e.g. You’re in a Car accident or Water damage on your shop floor closes you down)
  • You are Sued…. (e.g. by the other Driver or by a Customer slipping on the wet floor)
  • You have No one to Sue…. (e.g. the other Driver has no insurance or Bad Weather caused the water damage)

Why McSharry Foley Insurance??

Well, it’s all in our Name!

M a ‘Market’ of over 30 National Insurers
the ‘Covers’ you should actually have..
S ‘Saving’ you money with €20 off all new policies
H ‘Handling’ your Claim so you don’t have to and taking the hassle away.
A ‘Advice’ when you need it
R the ‘Right’ insurance for Your Motor, Home, Farm, Fleet, Business, Heritage Property.
R ‘Rates’ which are as competitive as any in the Market
Y ‘You’ are our Client and we act in your best interest.

F  ‘Finance’ to spread the payment.
O  ‘One’ telephone call has you on cover
L ‘Local’ in the North West and located in Sligo for over 30 years.
E ‘Expertise’ from an Insurance, Underwriting and Legal perspective…
Y ‘Yes’ to You because YOU are what WE are about