Price Savings on Personal and Commercial Insurance Ireland

Car Insurance

We just won a new client who got their price of €781 from Chill Insurance, with Step Back No Claims Bonus Protection. We managed to get the client a quotoation of €576 but with Full No Claims Bonus Protection and Breakdown Cover neither of which their current policy had. A total Saving of €205

Home Insurance

We had a customer recently that was looking for a quote based on, a 4 bedroom detached home in Co. Sligo, built 30 years, 50 year old proposer €150k building, €20k contents, 2 smoke alarms, 250 standard excess, claims free 5 years as of 3.9.15, excluding admin in fee.
Previously they had been quoted €445 with another broker. We could offer this customer a price starting from €204. That is even more than half the price they were previously quoted !

Personal Insurance

Our client was quoted an additional cost of €839 to do a permanent change of vehicle with a Direct Insurer to a high grouping vehicle (policy due for renewal in May so this was only for 5 months)
We got him an annual policy for €1194 – this works out a savings of €355 for an extra 7 months cover which the customer was much happier to go with. We were able to offer this option as being brokers we have access to a large panel of insurers and products.

Commercial Business Insurance – Food Production

A Food Production client approached our office for quotation. They were insured with a Direct Insurer and their policy was soon due for renewal. We approached over 15 Insurers Irish & UK based available to us for this type of risk. Following our re-broking of the risk we provided our quote secured with a reliable long standing Irish Insurer. The client opted to proceed with us as we offered the same cover at a premium that was over €1000 less than their holding Insurer was providing.

Commercial Business

A long term client was due for renewal. The policy was held with one of the main Insurers for over 10 years.
As part of a review this year we submitted to an alternative market we secured mid – year. Another strong & reliable Insurer.
Current Holding Insurer best figure to be offered was just under €49,500
We provided a saving of over €17,000 to the client opting for the alternative insurer quote.
Our client is very satisfied each year with our renewal review & re-broking but was very impressed by the savings we made this year for him in a market where commercial Insurance rates are escalating.

We are able to achieve price savings on personal and commercial insurance policies for our clients because we work harder to check more insurers , and we get to know your unique circumstances .

As local brokers we want your business for the long term, so we go the extra mile for our customers.

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